Peer learning event in Dumfries and Galloway

Moray representatives benefit from peer learning in Dumfries and Galloway

Cross-sector learnings contribute to Moray’s creative industries

We Make Moray, a place partnership project which supports authentic arts and culture initiatives, held a peer learning event in Dumfries and Galloway attended by Moray representatives focused on expanding the positive impact arts and culture can have on the sustainable future of communities.
Delegates with expertise in multiple sectors took part in open conversations with key stakeholders in Dumfries and Galloway, sharing experiences on the challenges and benefits of working in a creative and collaborative way, an approach promoted by the Moray Cultural Strategy.
Arts and culture initiatives in Dumfries and Galloway face similar challenges, such as accessing funding creating innovative concepts, to those in Moray.
Siobhan Leen, Health and Social Care Moray said: “Visits to initiatives such as The Creetown Institute and CatStrand Centre are inspiring.
“Both are fantastic examples of a connected resilient communities. Integrating health, wellbeing and the arts has been their key to success and has encouraged wider socioeconomic benefits”.
Heidi Tweedie of Moray Wellbeing Hub added: “Social enterprises, such as Arts for Enjoyment, show that creative businesses can be life changing in tackling social isolation and stigma, as well as providing sustainable contributions to local economy”
The sessions enabled stakeholders from organisations including The Findhorn Bay Arts Festival, WCD Scottish Dolphin Centre, Moray Wellbeing Hub, and Health and Social Care Moray to join forces on a regional level, while developing knowledge, experience and ideas which will be brought back to Moray and, of course, enjoying some of the spectacular public art and events during the art festival.
Kresanna Aigner, Findhorn Bay Arts Director reflected: “Each region in Scotland has such a distinct character and this opportunity has left delegates feeling inspired, ready to implement new, innovative ideas. Understanding how other areas are embracing and developing the creative industries is crucial to progressing Moray’s uniqueness and individuality.
“I will be incorporating key learnings from this series into future projects and look forward to welcoming our new friends to our events in Findhorn.”